Monday, 24 September 2012

Loud Noises!

WINNING...Realised that we've abused the website recently in favour of twitter and facebook...mainly as we've been running a guest list competition for the upcoming The Enemy tour.  It's rare for us to be able to run a competition that actually has a decent prize but I think based on the response it's been a good one for our fans.  Hope the winners have fun and buy us a drink ;)

Things are very busy at the moment, being unsigned and unrepresented means we have loads of stuff do ourselves to get ready for the tour and also a very cool 'This Feeling' show in London on 10th November.  We think it might be our first London show...which if it is London had better brace itself.

We'll hopefully be putting another tune online this week ahead of the Western Super Mare show on the 28th September.

We are so happy with all the feedback, new fans and amazing shows that we have coming up and we realise how lucky we are.  We're working hard to make this work so that those that are showing faith in us get the most from their support.


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