Saturday, 11 February 2012

First Look Interview

So, lads, what've you been up to?
We've been writing and recording new tunes, played a few gigs and checked out the competition, lots of great bands around at the moment.

How does the writing process work?
We all get together in a little room and bash out ideas. Doesn't matter who's playing what, we all swap instruments and throw stuff into the mix, then we start recording straight away. It captures the moment and the result is some really fresh stuff.

How would you describe the sound?
We're definitely a guitar band, but lately we started experimenting with new sounds. The electronic scene in the UK is unique and massive. All music is exciting and we try to pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. The way we use it is subtle though, like Primal Scream back in the day, or early nineties dance hits, anything goes, as long as it sounds exciting. 

When do we get to hear some stuff?
We're going to put a track online in the next week so people can get a taste. We're pretty confident people will love it.

Heard you had it pretty large when you played in Belfast, how was that?
We always have it large. Life's too short to sit at home watching the Antiques Roadshow. You've got to get out there, enjoy it while you're young, experience everything. We were made up to be able to go and play in Belfast for Guinness, the gig was amazing and the party afterwards was extreme. 

What's your aim for this year?
We're going to play as many shows as we can. Our philosophy is never turn a gig down. The album is coming along nicely in terms of songs, and the sound is constantly developing. We're going to try to build a big online following, as well as putting the graft in on the gig circuit. Respect doesn't come for free in music, it has to be earned, and we're not afraid to go out and earn our stripes.

How can people find out more about The Antics?
You can ask us anything on twitter, we're also on Facebook, failing that catch us at a gig!

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